Braun Shaver Cleaner

The idea behind the Braun shaver cleaner is awesome as you can keep your razor clean and almost new all the time. Premium Shaver team tested and researched about cleaning station for you to provide a in-depth information about it.

Are you looking for information about how to unclog a Braun cleaning station. Here is a step by step guide to have a maximum durability from the shaver.

Features Of Braun Shaver Cleaner


It has a special feature to clean hygienically with an alcohol based antiseptic agent system.


For every shavers cleaning and lubricating are the crucial factors when it comes to maintain the cutting performance. It also saves your shavers blades along with the shaver for longer durability. It lessen your worries to almost zero.


Braun shaver cleaner is the best for it’s inductive system which product a heat to dry the shaver after you use it. And you get a dried shaver every time and cool performance.


Another cool features that comes with the cleaner is auto charge during cleaning and renewing. During that time the battery of your shaver will be charged automatically.

Automatic program selection

The cleaner has 3 modes with unique feature to change or renew the system according to the previous history to better output.

Quick result

You will get a quick result in about 25 sec to get a cleaned shaver.

Wrapping Up

It is very easy to remove the cleaning solution pack and resealing. You wouldn’t have much worry about durability of the cleaning station.


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