How to Clean an Electric Shaver?

The longer you wait to clean your electric shaver, the harder the job will be. First things first: before you even think about getting started on this task, make sure that the power is turned off on your shaver.

Lather up with soap and warm water. Scrub with a toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry with a towel until it’s moist but not wet, then let air-dry for at least 12 hours before using again.

How to Clean an Electric Shaver – Make the Most of Your Time

Some men have all the time in the world to spend cleaning their electric shavers. Others don’t, and that’s okay too. When you shave with an electric shaver, you have to do more than pay attention to the blade and take short, regular intervals where you stop using it. You also have to take advantage of every minute of your time, which you can spare from other tasks.

All you need is a little planning and a little bit of organization, but that’s what this week’s article is about: how to clean your electric shaver without spending too much time on it. You don’t have to be squeaky clean about it, but you should certainly take your time and care about the entire cleaning process.

Clean Your Shaver During Your Morning Routine

The first thing you can do is clean your shaver after every use. This way, you won’t have a lot of buildups to remove later on, and you can keep using your shaver while it dries out in between uses. Just remove the head and rinse it out with warm water. Use a toothbrush or an old toothbrush that’s lost its bristles if necessary (don’t add anything abrasive or acidic, though!). Scrub away built-up residue thoroughly before drying the head off with a towel.

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – Pay Attention to the Battery

You might not think you should clean your electric shaver’s battery, but you should. The best way is to remove the battery and clean it thoroughly with a dry cloth every time you use it. Any time you come into contact with your shaver’s battery, give it a quick wipe-down! You don’t want anything to build upon the positive or negative terminals, which can happen if you’re not careful about keeping them clean.

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – Step Away from the Bathroom Sink!

We’ve often seen people cleaning their shavers in the bathroom sink. This is not the best place to do it, and it’s going to take a very long time for you to clean your electric shaver the way that you want. You need access to a sink with running water and a drain, but that’s all. If you want to take your time with cleaning your shaver, gather up a few tools and get started.

How to Clean an Electric Shaver: Prepare Your Area

You’re going to need soap, water, a toothbrush (or old toothbrush), rubbing alcohol, and at least three paper towels or regular rags. Also, make sure that the rest of your bathroom is empty. That way, you can work without worrying about anyone coming in on you and interrupting you.

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean

While your hands aren’t the best tools for cleaning an electric shaver, this step is important nonetheless. Before you even use a toothbrush or any other abrasive item on your shaver, make sure that you’re rubbing over a surface that doesn’t have any soap on it. If there’s soap present on the surface of your bathroom sink,  you’re going to be in trouble when it comes time to clean off your shaver.

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – Rubbing Alcohol and Soap

You want to clean your shaver effectively, and the best way to do this is to apply to rub alcohol on the head of your shaver. Use a toothbrush or old toothbrush (one that’s lost its bristles) to scrub away all grime. This is an easy step, but it takes a while because you want to be thorough in everything. If you miss a spot, dirt will build up very quickly, and it can be very difficult to remove later.

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – Rinse and Pat Dry

After cleaning your shaver thoroughly, make sure that it’s completely dry before you put it away for the next time you have to use it. Ensure that you give all parts of your shaver a close look, especially the parts where the head is exposed. You don’t have to be extremely thorough about this step, but you should take your time and pay attention to every single detail. If anything looks like it needs cleaning, then clean it!

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – Use a Clean Toothbrush or Toothbrush Holder

The last part of this process is simply putting everything back together again. Use a new toothbrush free of any buildup and clean soap to finish the job. You can use rubbing alcohol once it’s dry to shine the blade a little bit, too. It won’t be necessary, though – even if you use rubbing alcohol and soap, your shaver will still look like new! It might not look as clean as when you first got it, but it’ll be completely clean and ready for use!

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver – How Long Does It Take to Clean?

Long enough that it would have taken you forever without doing anything at all… So don’t spend too much time cleaning your shaver in the first place. If you take your time and do everything perfectly, it will be very simple to clean your shaver.
Toilet Paper with Bleach – How to Clean a Wet Shaver – 4 Steps (With Pictures)
How to Clean a Wet Shaver with Toilet Paper and Bleach – 4 Steps (With Pictures) Let’s face it: your first use of an electric shaver is usually not a successful one. This makes sense: when you first try out a new product, you naturally want to allow it to get the job done right before… well… sending it back.

How to Clean a Wet Shaver – A Quick Guide for Beginners: 4 Steps (With Pictures)

For those of you who are new to the world of wet shaving, here is a quick guide outlining what you’ll need and how to clean your shaver using a basic cleaning routine.

-A little mild soap or shampoo

-Your shaver’s operating manual 

-A few minutes of your time 

-Patience and ingenuity 

Expert Tip: Avoid letting water drip into the shaver head while you’re storing it after cleaning, as this will lead to corrosion on the metal parts. Once it dries up, rub a dry toothbrush around its edges before returning it for storage.

Cleaning a shaver is not as hard as you might think. And if you need some advice on how to clean your shaver, take a look at our article that explains exactly how and where to clean your wet shave product the right way, with expert tips and step-by-step instructions.

A little mild soap or shampoo:

Use a mild soap or shampoo as they are more gentle than other cleaning products. If your shaver is waterproof (and most of them are), you can use warm to hot water and mild soap or shampoo to clean it. This method will help you bring the luster to the metal parts without breaking down the plastic parts.

Your shaver’s operating manual:

Always read your manual before attempting any repair on your own. Most shavers have instructions for cleaning the foils, trimmer heads, and other key parts. For example, Braun recommends rinsing off the blades after every shave with warm water. And Philips’ wet/dry shavers are also quite simple to take care of as they are completely washable. Read the provided manual and follow the instructions to get the best results.

A few minutes of your time:

You may think that a quick fix is a good idea, but in reality, it takes time to learn how to properly clean your shaver (and this is especially important if you’re new to wet shaving). So do not be tempted by cheap products claiming they can replace most of the cleaning tools you already have; they might mess up your shaver’s performance instead.

Patience and ingenuity:

It will take some time before you gain enough knowledge to maintain your shaver properly. And as we mentioned above, if you do not maintain it, it will mess up your shaver. Be patient and keep working hard at cleaning your shaver properly until you can do it without any problem.

Don’t let your electric shaver fall apart due to neglect! It’s a fact that many men out there have a wet electric shaver sitting in their bathroom cabinets because they haven’t cleaned it… ever. This is not how you want to treat your electric shaver and the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Any product will suffer if you do not clean it up well. Your electric shaver is no different. If you don’t clean a wet electric shaver, it will usually be difficult to decide next. It would be best if you clean your electric shaver up well. Many factors will decide the success of how you clean your electric shaver.

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